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Want to add 6 figures to your bank account!!!

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Apply for your $100k Growth Plan

If you’re a store owner and you want to add another $100k to your personal take-home income by maximizing your business’ cash flow within the next year then use the form below to apply to receive your $100k Growth Plan in 5 days or less.

By the end of the 5 days, we will have analyzed your financial statements and Happiness Budget to create a report that will help you increase your personal yearly income by $100k or more.

This program will work best for you if you(r):

  1. Have a brick and Mortar Location or are in the e-commerce/ direct 2 consumer space.

  2. Company has been in business for a minimum of 2 years

  3. Have a minimum annual income of $5,000,000.

  4. Have a minimum of 25 employees.

  5. Have 3 years of financial statements.

If you do not meet these criteria apply anyway and I will share the best information I can share with you about how you can grow your company.

Disclaimer: This does not guarantee that Learner Market Group, LLC. or any of its associates and partners will be able to generate, create, or invest $100,000 into you or your business.