L(E)arner Market Group

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About Us

Who We Are

We help retail stores, and direct-to-consumer brands reduce marketing expenses, increase revenue and profit and improve operations by up to 25%.

L(E)arner Market Group is a Market Research and  Data Analytics company for small businesses. We work with entrepreneurs to develop branding and positioning strategy, improve operations, financial position, and customer experience.

What’s with the parenthesis?

Warren Buffett famously said, ” You must learn more to earn more!” Our name and the (E) is representative of the idea that we are constantly learning as much as we can in order to help our clients earn more!

Our Mission

Help to driven, and motivated Growth Stage Entrepreneurs successfully navigate the pitfalls that come with scaling their business from a small company to a medium-sized firm.

Our Vision

The American Dream is not what it once was. Crippling inequality has made it extremely difficult for the average American to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. and get ahead.

We envision a world where inequality is minimal and normal people can live well and support their families.

A world, where entrepreneurs can grow companies so that they can pay their staff well to live and work as .well as develop wealth for themselves and their children.

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