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Not For Profit Co. – Reducing program expenses by $30,000

The situation
The agency had been operating for over 2o years. They had often 
The Problem
It was difficult to keep track of the reporting data that often went through the program via their physical filing system. This created inefficiencies as staffers had to remember where files were and keep track of the stories that were critical to the organizations funding.
IF a staffer happened to take a file home to work on it there was no way for the managers to know where the file was and what data it contained. This process hindered reporting as managers had to constantly be checking in with staff to find, locate, and organize the data for reporting. 
The idea
The organization needed some way to manage the files electronically.  They tried a few solutions but they all lacked the necessary features to be a truly robust solution. Finally we presented salesforce to them. Salesforce was able to collect and store all the pertinent data about the services they performed for each client and helped them meet their contract obligations from funders. 

  • $30,000 cost reduction in program expenses
  • Customized Salesforce to model reports from funders reducing the time spent writing reports
  • Streamlined operational flow from client intake to report generation
  • Clarified client lifecycle and the redevelopment of key metrics

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