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Transition from Cash Strapped Founder to Cash Rich CEO

Learn How to avoid a Cash Flow Crisis in your company and how to add $100k to your take home personal income by maximizing your cash flow!

When : The First and Third Thursday of each month

Where: Online 

Do this sound like you?

  1. If you’re investing more money in advertising but still don’t have more cash.
  2. It always feel like there’s never enough money.
  3. You want to get a loan to expand the business but you keep getting denied.
  4. Lastly you want to earn more personal income but there’s just no money for that.

If this sounds like you, you might be trapped in the third stage of cash flow called the Cash Flow Crunch!

That’s one step away from a Cash Flow Crisis.

If you want to avoid that terrible moment then register for this Free 45 minute event today and I’ll not only teach you how to avoid a Cash flow Crisis but I’ll also show you how you can maximize your company’s cash flow and add at least $100k to your company’s budget.

A Small Part of What you Will Learn

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