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How well does your company meet the customer where they are in the buying process?

THe CX Ops Review (COR) measures how well a company is using data to drive empathetic connections and create emotional connections at scale with customers.

Small businesses are uniquely positioned to create these emotional connections and take advantage of competitive dynamics that allow strong growth and differentiation from larger competitors.

The COR Score

The COR Score is a proprietary scoring system that we developed to help measure the effectiveness of a company’s data strategy and data collection methods, customer experience performance, and financial performance.

First, we assess data strategy, to find areas of improvement in the company’s data collection. Next, we use data to map cx performance against the financial performance of the company to determine the key value drivers for the company and also for the customers. Lastly, we analyze the company’s ability to retain and reactivate the customer to drive long-term customer value.

Not ready yet? Use our Data Strategy Checklist tool to find out if your collecting the data you would need to become a more empathetic brand.

How the Process Works

Step 1. Discovery Call

On this call, we’ll spend a little time talking to better understand what are the difficulties and
challenges you’re experiencing and getting to know each other.  

It’s a short call so we don’t waste your time and we get clarity quickly.

Step 2. Learning Session

After our initial call, we will be in communication via email to get more information about the situation and determine if your problem is a good fit for our solution.

Step 3. COR Score

We’ll gather data, and begin analyzing your customer experience, retail performance, and financial outcomes from the top to bottom.

The outcome is our proprietary COR Score which tells us just how well your company is performing when it comes to customer value and customer experience.

Step 4. Presentation

We’ll meet with your team and discuss our findings and present our solutions and any improvements that can be made.

Step 5. Next Steps

After you receive your COR Score and understand your solutions we’ll walk you through the next steps to achieving massive growth.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps

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