L(E)arner Market Group

Divine Empowerment Ministries

The client needed to raise $250,000 in order to open their new empowerment center. Construction costs would run that amount and they do not have enough grant funds to allocate toward their project.
Their website was focused on speaking to their audience about the services they provide and the organization’s belief system. 
The idea
They needed a digital marketing funnel. They needed a way to collect, automate and continually re-engage audiences so that they can convert them into donors. After analyzing their numbers we were able to determine a strategy that would help them create recurring donors.
We began by rebranding their website and focusing on a new specific target audience. We created new page copy, and connected them with various outlets that would allow the to leverage their platform in a new way. 
We also established a relationship with a vendor to create branded products that they can sell. Those products can be bundled as different offers to indices higher donation amounts.
We set them up a CRM to automate much of the marketing work behind the scenes which allowed them to make their marketing efforts more effective and personalized. Also created a drip campaign to initialize new client engagement and nurture sales.
  • Expected Donor Lifetime Value of $132
  • Expected Customer Acquisition Cost: $31

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