L(E)arner Market Group

Free Tools

Strategic Planner – A tool to help you calculate how much capital you need to reach your revenue goals.

CX Improvement Calculator – Calculate the value of Customer Experience Improvements for your Brand.

Retention Rate Calculator – Calculate the revenue increase from retaining more customers.

CX Assessment Tool – Analyze how well you Customer Experience Program Performs.

Data Strategy Checklist– A checklist to help you assess your company’s data strategy.

Marketing Strategy Playbook – The Playbook to build a rock solid Marketing Strategy for your small business.

Brand Strategy Playbook – The Brand Building Guide and Course Specifically for Retailers, D2C and Ecomms.

10 Systems to Scale your Retail or Ecomm Business – How to Develop Your Systems and SOPs amd templates to help you calculate the cost of each process.

Free Cash Flow Calculator – Calculate your company’s Free Cash Flow. You can use this money to increase your budgets without loans and without investors. Plus investors love healthy Free Cash Flow metrics.

Goal Setting and Risk Factors Workbook – Set you OKRs using the Balanced Scorecard and analyze the opportunities and risk factors in your market.

Calendar of our upcoming Workshops – Our calendar of upcoming workshops

Improve your GMROI on your Inventory Investment

Reduce Slow-moving Inventory and Deadstock!
Download the Merchandise Financial Planning and Retail Management Spreadsheet