L(E)arner Market Group

Miami Logistics Company

The Situation
A Miami Logistics Firm provided services from Miami to South America and no other area . 
The Problem
The Client’s sales had stagnated and they needed a new way to grow the business. They already had specialized logistics services helping businesses and construction companies move furniture and equipment between the two continents but their sales had stagnated and they needed new ways to grown the business.
The idea
We analyzed the market to deliver key insights in order for the client to expand their service offering into trucking. Establishing a trucking division did several things for the client.
  1. Mitigated against revenue risks: Since trucking industry growth is closely related to the strength of the economy, we created a windfall that allowed the company to grow along with the economy 
  2. Be one of the only 3PL companies focused on the Colombian market and able to deliver into the entire U.S. 
  3. Made them a full intermodal 3 PL company with shipping, warehousing, freight, and air

  • The client was able to develop a new ground freight division 
  • Established a niche that most other companies could not compete with being an intermodal 3PL internationally
  • Attracted new capital for the new division reducing capital risk for the owners