L(E)arner Market Group

Swimsuit Co. – Confirming a Bias

The situation
The client company is a very young plus-sized swimsuit brand. 
The Problem
Sales have been low from the start for the organization. They need to understand how they could connect with their customer better to drive more sales.
They had very little competition in the space so it didn’t make sense that they had low sales. What we found is that they were not accurately relating 
Key insights
After conducting market research within the target market several key insights were derived. What we found is that the brand had built a product that was almost perfectly aligned with what their customers wanted but had not effectively advertised the key features of the products to the customer. We helped them clearly define the brand, create new messaging and align all of their creative with their new brand image. 
We also developed a program to create a community around the brand by developing a social networking platform to connect with customers and influencers.

  • The Brand is currently on the way to increasing revenue by 31x
  • They are retooling their next line to match the consumer insight that derived.
  • Established a benchmark to asses lifetime value to structure better client offers and further segment the market.