L(E)arner Market Group

PollyCo Realty

The Problem
The client was finding it very difficult to attract new business in the digital era. They used to employ newspaper ads and telemarketing to reach out to potential customers and that would often generate leads on-demand for the company but those times are long gone and they a new way to bring in clients
The idea
They needed a digital marketing funnel. The team was understood some digital marketing techniques but was unable to implement them because they didn’t understand the underlying web technologies that created their website so they count edit the code themselves. They also didn’t understand how to create a marketing funnel.
We set them up a CRM to automate much of the marketing work behind the scenes which allowed them to make their marketing efforts more effective and personalized. Also created a drip campaign to initialize new client engagement and nurture sales.
  • Centralized Customer Data
  • Personalized Messaging to Customers
  • Ability to target customers by neighborhood of interest

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