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We help you , help your friends and pay you to do it!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get paid while helping our friends?

Your friend tells you all about a problem at work. You listen and give the best advice you can but

  • you don’t know their boss,
  • you don’t know how their company works internally,
  • You don’t know how their team members will react
  • Or how anything works there

So, you know that your advice is barely helpful to their problem.

Stress about workloads can lead to depression, anxiety, obesity, heart problems and many other ailments. This stress often has effects on family life as well.  

The exhaustion and stress that your friend is telling you about is usually a symptom of a larger problem and unfortunately managers don’t always listen to their team about problems.

But what if you could help them solve that problem and get paid to do it without being pushy or annoying?

Well that’s exactly what you can do!

Register to become and partner with us and refer your friend to us when they talk about a problem and we’ll reach out to see if we can help them.

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