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Brand Consistency

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In a world where customers can pick up their phone and purchase anything they want, from anywhere in the world, within seconds, how do you make sure they choose your company versus your competitors without having to continuously cut prices, spend ever-increasing
amounts of money on advertising and pull your hair out trying to meet their needs and yours?

Most would say there’s no answer but that’s where the BC Formula comes in!

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The BC Formula is a framework for taking budding growth stage companies from a service-focused approach to a data-driven empathetic model that drives traffic and conversion rates in-store and online as well as increases repeat purchases and customer satisfaction.

The formula models how people make real world purchase decisions so that when it is time to make a decision only the company that best models the customer’s decision making process is the only choice.

Meet the Customer where they are in their buying process

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Benefits of The BC Formula

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Get Customers to take action faster

Faster Action means the customer needs to see ads fewer times to make a decision.


Focus on The Voice of the Customer

Creating Feedback Loops that put the customer's emotional needs at the forefront of the company's marketing efforts and creates an empathetic brand

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Increased Loyalty means more repeat purchases which leads to higher customer lifetime value


Increase Customer Satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score drives positive reviews and increases Google Rankings

Increase ROI on Ad Spend

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BCF focuses on driving value from a customer’s perspective in three key areas

How The Process Works

The process is centered around our 6 pilars, 22-point process that improves the business from the outside in focusing on what customer’s emotional needs and wants are and satisfying those needs to drive sales. In doing so we help you create massive differentiation and separation from your competitors.

In this phase we look for the core strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current customer experience. 

We analyze the company from Data Strategy to Advertising Methods and develop a core set of recommendations that will help differentiate the brand, increase customer’s satisfactions and drive long-term retention. 

We the score and analyze those findings and score the company using our proprietary COR Score Framework.


Find out How you can get a COR Score for your company.

We workshop on ideas to create innovations in Customer Experience to truly create massive differentiation.

We use Standford’s design thinking model to create cost-effective and creative solutions to customers problems and also internal problems in the company as well.

We apply the ideas that have been created.

We use Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to reduce costs and model standardized and repeatable processes that leave little room for error and therefore create continually improving customer satisfaction and therefor increase revenue and profits.

We Continually monitor, fine tune and improve on the work we’ve done together to steadily increase the revenue and profits of the company to highest possible levels.

How To Start

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